Learn more about the Stock Market through our annual Fantasy Stock Exchange! Fantasy stock exchange is an annual SWIB event that is designed to teach Stanford students about the Stock Market through real life experiences, competition, and speakers.

How does it work?

Each competitor will receive $1,000,000 (virtually) to buy and trade stocks as they wish. Stocks from real companies are available and there is no penalty if competitors lose money. Our competition lasts 10 weeks and follows real life trends since it is designed to give participants the a hands on experience with the stock market.  

There are 2 competitions available

  • Long-term trading: Geared towards beginners. This competition limits the number of trades (10 per day) to motivate competitors to think about the fundamentals and pick stocks that will yield high returns in the long term.

  • Algorithmic trading: Geared towards more experienced portfolio managers. There is no limit on the number of trades and day trading is allowed

Our 2015 opening event included a workshop with representatives from both BlackRock and Morgan Stanley who provided us with some tips and advice for the competition. Additionally, our weekly newsletters reported the latest market news and sent updates on where each competitor stood. The winner of each competition received $250, and prizes were awarded to runners up.