Social Media Intern

SOCIAL MEDIA INTERN / Michelle Miller Productions 

Start Date: immediate

Compensation: unpaid; equity upon achievement of certain milestones

 Job Description:

The social media intern will be responsible for using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to raise awareness of two MMP properties, THE PRODUCTIVE HANGOVER (a weekly list of low-energy things to make you feel less bad about how bad you feel) and LOLz! (an emoji-esque messaging keyboard for canned laughter). The core demographic of both apps is 22-40 year old urban professionals in the US and Europe. Together with Michelle Miler, the social media intern will develop a 3-month strategic plan to reach and grow this audience, and be responsible for executing that plan by regularly tweeting and posting from company accounts.


 Candidate Description:

The social media intern should be organized, social media saavy and a self-starter. S/he will have tremendous freedom to experiment, and so should be someone who likes to think outside the box and isn’t afraid to think big.

 Working Style:

The social media intern can work from anywhere, so long as the agreed-upon posting schedule is maintained. S/he will work closely with Michelle initially to create the plan (either in person or via Skype), after which Michelle will always be available for questions, but will trust the intern to run with the plan.


While the internship is unpaid, equity in both apps will be given if certain download milestones are met. The ideal candidate is someone who is looking for experience to prove his/her ability in pursuit of more significant marketing roles, and Michelle promises to be generous with recommendations, her network and career help.

 About MMP:

Michelle Miller Productions is the umbrella company for work created by Michelle Miller, a writer and producer best known for her novel THE UNDERWRITING, a satirical corporate thriller about the IPO of a dating app, which is in print in 20 languages and which she is currently adapting into a television show with FOX. In addition to THE PRODUCTIVE HANGOVER and LOLz!, Michelle has written and speaks internationally on subjects of modern femininity (including a recent TedTalk in Amsterdam) and the future of content (most recently at South by Southwest). In a previous life she was a management consultant and in finance. She splits her time between NY, LA and London and has a BA & MBA from Stanford.