Our SWIBternships program connects Stanford students to businesses for part-time/full time internships during the spring and summer in venture capital, health, environment, AI, and other industries. 

Since 2018, we’re also excited to announce an expansion of the program to include both Spring and Summer internships!

The interns we select are motivated Stanford students from all majors and backgrounds. The internship companies span all fields, including tech, finance, marketing, social media, fashion, consulting, and more.

Learn more about this opportunity and apply below.



  • Timing: Interns are required to make a commitment to the company for Spring and/or Summer quarter.

  • Commitment: Interns are required to commit to specific projects/goals (designed with the matched company). They are expected to work anywhere from 5-15 hours per week, determined by the number of course units the intern is in.

  • Selection Process: The SWIB Executive Board will determine potential candidates, giving priority to dedicated students who attend SWIB events. If you are selected as a candidate, your resume will be sent to your company of choice. The company will then request an interview and make final selections



Contact Springternships Director Amelia O’Donohue at ameliao@stanford.edu and Nicole Birkner nbirkner@stanford.edu


Past Companies