SWIB is led by co-presidents Courtney Bond and Alexis Adjei. Together, they oversee the organization and each of its teams as they relate to empowering young women in pre-professional careers. Specifically, they focus on the execution of events, weekly meetings, intern programming, and external relations.


Manages marketing for all aspects of SWIB. This includes social media, the website, internal branding, job postings, brand management, event publicity, and communication with other campus marketing organizations. In addition, the marketing team is spearheading SWIB U, a free, web-based learning program designed to teach students around the world about business. 

Business Leadership

Organizes two annual events, the Young Women's Leadership Summit and the Shark Tank Challenge, as well as a biannual Executive Leadership Series (ELS). ELS brings high profile speakers to speak on campus.  The Young Women's Leadership Summit is a summit for high school girls interested in business.The Shark Tank Challenge is a skill development program and pitch competition for Stanford undergraduate students.

External relations

The Industry Partnerships team establishes strong relationships between SWIB, corporate sponsors, and other pre-professional university women's groups, namely through the Society of Women Leaders (SWL).  They manage all external corporate relations regarding recruiting in finance, consulting, tech, and startups. 

Community Initiatives

The Community Initiatives team is in charge of all SWIB initiatives that build rapport with our community.  This includes both internal and external SWIB efforts, alumni relations, Society of Women Leaders, Global Internships, and Springternships. This team also oversees member development--facilitating the overall SWIB experience and programing of interns and mentorship.  Moreover, the Community Initiatives team is building out SWIB's Advisory Board. 

Business Education

Internally focused on organizing the inaugural SWIB bootcamps, fireside chats, SWIB's Externship Program, SWIB Allies, a program for all non-female affiliating students interested in empowering women, and service. This team is the most internally facing of the SWIB teams and intends to equip our members with the skills they need to be successful in the workplace. 

Project Development Board

Develop and spearhead independent, innovative projects to expand SWIB’s scope. This role will allow individuals to pursue unique projects that aren’t necessarily encompassed by an existing team, but can further SWIB’s mission.