Nonprofit Fundraising Platform Campus Ambassador

Company: Givebutter - a quickly-growing online fundraising platform for nonprofits and student organizations started by college students (
Position: Givebutter Ambassador
Responsibilities: Get student orgs and nonprofits on campus using Givebutter for their fundraising efforts (for philanthropy, trips, events, etc.)
Compensation: Up to $2,000 cash, milestone-based
Timeline: January 2017 - May 2017 with opportunities for an extended role over Summer and Fall 2017 available on a case-by-case basis
How to apply: Visit and fill out the short form at the bottom. Interviews are conducted on Snapchat (you'll send us the answers to three short questions, and we will follow up with you shortly after), check out the link to learn more.

Why apply to be a Givebutter Ambassador? Work with one of the world’s fastest-growing student-led startups, get real-world sales experience while improving your local community and giving back, join a network of hundreds of movers and shakers at over 100 college campuses, and get paid for it! Click here to apply.