Haas Center Business/Entrepreneurship Fellowships

The Andrew Daher Memorial Fellowship encourages students to develop projects that explore the intersections of business or economics and public service, in the United States or abroad. In addition to the base stipend, $1000 is available for project expenses.

The Advancing Gender Equity Fellowship, in partnership with the Women’s Community Center (WCC),  allows students to apply what they have learned about gender, diversity, and social justice through their academic and/or extracurricular work. Students will engage this learning during a summer practicum experience working with a nonprofit organization or government agency on social, political, or economic issues affecting women. Fellows can expand on an experience started through a course or extracurricular activity by continuing with an existing partner organization, or they can identify another relevant community organization.  

The Social E Fellowship allows students to explore social entrepreneurship as a pathway of public service and social change. Fellows can spend a summer working full-time in the social entrepreneurship arena with an established social entrepreneur as a mentor.

Each Fellow receives a base stipend of $5,000 to support travel and living expenses during the summer. Financial aid and supplemental funding is available to students who qualify.

Additional opportunities can be found here: https://haas.stanford.edu/students/cardinal-quarter/fellowships