NYC Tech Startup Seeking Motivated College Ambassadors

I noticed Stanford Women in Business' involvement on campus and wanted to personally invite you and your classmates/club members to be a part of our brand ambassador internship. I'm currently an intern at RapidSOS, an awesome advanced emergency tech startup out of Harvard, Stanford, and MIT that was recently named one of NYC's hottest start ups - and the experience has been nothing but phenomenal!

Please let me know at if you are interested or have any questions - I look forward to hearing from you!


RapidSOS 3-Min Summary Video

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New York TimesFox NewsWashington PostMIT (from homepage of university), New ScientistDaily MailNewsweekTech CrunchSmithsonian MagazinePopular MechanicsPolicy MicTime Warner Cable

Recent Awards

  • Best New Venture – Harvard Business School New Venture Competition
  • Grand Prize Winner - Harvard President’s Challenge
  • Top 3 Innovative World Technologies – SXSW Accelerator
  • Best Mobile Technology at MIT – MIT $100K
  • Most Innovative Company in the Public Sector – Harvard Innovation Challenge
  • Top 10 University Start-Up Globally –
  • Top Technology for US/China – MIT China Innovation Forum