Tesla Supply Chain Analytics Internship

We are looking for one exceptionally talented individual to join Tesla’s growing supply chain analytics team for an internship this summer.

The internship project will involve improvements to how we manage safety stocks, inventory levels, material flow and/or logistics execution.  There will be opportunities both for mathematical optimization and analytics as well as more hands on business and implementation work.  The focus for the internship and for the broader team is on problems with immediate relevance and solutions that can be implemented quickly in practice.

The ideal candidate is pursuing an advanced degree in Operations Research or similar, preferably with supply chain focus. Desirable technical skills include linear/mixed integer optimization, statistical modelling as well as general programming skills. Some work experience or other experience demonstrating tangible results in a non-academic environment is a big plus.

Strong preference is given to candidates who are interested in a full time position, and available within one year after the internship.  However, note that only students still enrolled in their academic programs are eligible for internships, people who already graduated are not.

Official posting: https://chp.tbe.taleo.net/chp01/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=TESLA&cws=6&rid=32501

If you are interested please use the official posting to apply and send your resume & brief cover letter directly to me arthusb@stanford.edu