wikiHow Product/Project Manager

wikiHow ( is looking for class of 2016 Stanford graduates to come work for us in a leadership capacity. In this role, you will collaborate directly with either our Founder or President/COO to create or grow a project within the company. The role will require you to function as an entrepreneur, giving you the opportunity to learn what it is like to run a business, with the benefit of a profitable company to support you.

Past Stanford graduates in this job have:

  • Built our International sites. The new Stanford grad expanded wikiHow to 15 languages which are now read by over 50 million active users outside of English every month.

  • Created our visual team. The new Stanford grad hired and managed hundreds of artists to produce custom step-by-step visuals for wikiHow articles, which attracted over 10 million new wikiHow users.

  • Led a content team. This Stanford grad managed a team of editing fellows that made wikiHow's pages more helpful for our readers.


This wikiHow job is unique because you will...

  • Lead a project. You’ll select a high potential project that you alone or you and few others get to build. It will be like starting your own company. Note this opportunity is highly unusual, at most companies new college grads get assigned limited roles with no opportunity to build something significant.    

  • Work with a small, talented team. Despite being one of the most popular sites on the web, wikiHow has intentionally kept the team tiny at only 25 employees so we only work with great people.

  • Have access to valuable mentors. You’ll be working shoulder to shoulder with mentors who have successfully built one of the most used sites on the internet. You’ll learn a ton.


You are right for this job if:

  • You are a great operator. You make the trains run on time.

  • You are amazingly smart, creative, passionate, detail oriented, and pragmatic, all at the same time.

  • You have a good eye for identifying great products or content, and don’t mind experimenting to find the best solution.

  • You are a leader and a superb communicator.

  • You are committed to even the menial parts of starting a business.

  • Bonus points if you’ve accomplished something significant in your life. Maybe you built a business, crushed a charity fundraising goal, paid your way through college, climbed El Capitan, danced 24 hours straight, rollerbladed across Montana, etc. It could be anything, but accomplishing it will show us your ability to achieve a goal.


About wikiHow:

  • wikiHow's mission is to teach every person on the planet how-to do anything. We are visited by more than 100 million people every month.

  • Each of us is insanely productive. Our small team of 22 people is competing with mega corporations with hundreds of employees. And beating them.

  • We don't think working long startup hours is productive or healthy. We work hard and productively, then go enjoy rich lives outside of work.

  • Our small, cohesive team is gender balanced: 50% female, 50% male.

  • We’re located in downtown Palo Alto.

Please apply by sharing your resume and cover letter to