Audax Private Equity Internships and Fulltime Positions

Audax Private Equity will be hosting an informational session on internship and full time opportunities in our San Francisco and Boston offices. All interested undergraduate students are encouraged to attend.

When: Monday October 3, 2016; 7:00pm-8:00pm

Where: Tresidder Union, Cypress South Room (Stanford Campus)

Audax Group is a leading private equity firm with over $10 billion in assets under management, based in Boston and Menlo Park. Audax focuses on investing in privately held companies and working with management teams to build market leaders across a variety of industries, including: healthcare, technology/software, industrial equipment, automotive, distribution, and business services.

Through our internship program, we offer a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to pursue a career in private equity and investing directly out of school without first working in banking or consulting (the typical path into a career in investing). We hire full time analysts directly out of our internship program, and provide a path for advancement all the way to Managing Director (with or without attending business school in between).

The Audax experience combines deal execution with portfolio company management. Summer analysts are an integral part of deal teams that evaluate new investment opportunities and help build and develop portfolio companies. Sample experiences from our internship program include:

       Creating complex financial models to assess returns

       Preparing investment committee materials

       Analyzing business trends to help influence C-level strategic decisions

       Traveling to meetings with senior deal team to evaluate new investment opportunities

       Working with portfolio company CEOs and CFOs on operating initiatives and evaluating acquisitions

We will be conducting interviews towards the end of October, and encourage you to attend the informational session if interested in learning more about the opportunity (or a career in private equity more generally).

Please see this document for more information on the role. Applications should be submitted by Thursday, October 13 to Daniela Fontes ( with a copy to Neal Sangal (

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Neal Sangal (GSB ’15) ( or Matt Gosselin (GSB ’14) (


About Audax:

Audax Group is a leading private equity firm with over $10.0 billion in assets under management.  Audax Private Equity is based both in Boston and Menlo Park and has over 50 investment professionals from diverse and complementary backgrounds, including top private equity, strategy consulting, and investment banking firms, as well as elite undergraduate institutions. Audax Group also has two debt businesses - Mezzanine Debt and Senior Debt - based in New York with over 20 investment professionals.

Audax has acquired over 500 companies since its founding in 1999, and closed on its fifth private equity fund in November, 2015.