YC Startup School (9/2)

Are you interested in startups? We'd love to have you at Y Combinator Startup School. Startup School is a free to attend, one-day conference where you'll hear stories and practical advice from founders and investors.

This year, we're joined by:
- Marc Andreessen, a16z
- Kalam Dennis and Reham Fagiri, AptDeco
- Ooshma Garg, Gobble
- Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn and Greylock
- Gabe Leydon, Machine Zone
- Ben Silbermann, Pinterest

Learn how they got started, what went wrong, what surprised them, and what happened as their companies grew.

You’ll also get a peek at some of what we do at YC. Kevin Hale and Qasar Younis will host on-stage office hours with three companies from the audience, and Sam Altman and Paul Buchheit will hear pitches and workshop them on-stage.

Please apply by September 2, 2016. We'll send invitations by midnight on Tuesday, September 6.

Register here:  https://apply.ycombinator.com/events/68