Sourcegraph Product Marketer

Sourcegraph is hiring full-time for product marketers from a software developer background. The role, posted here, is for a hire into a fast growing company with huge potential and a phenomenal team:

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to shoot Caroline Frost an email at



Sourcegraph is aiming to become the 'Google for code.' Their first product is a fast, global, semantic code search and cross-reference engine. Recently raised its Series A funding from (currently undisclosed) top-tier VCs. Incredible team (~20 FTEs) of engineers with experience at Google, Apple, Palantir, Facebook, Quora and more with CS degrees from Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Waterloo, and Berkeley to name a few. Great leadership from experienced entrepreneurs with successful companies like Blend and RelateIQ. Highest recommendation for culture and on-the-job learning.