ETF Global® Portfolio Challenge

Registration for the Spring 2017 ETF Global® Portfolio Challenge, sponsored by Fidelity Investments, is now open. We would love to have students from Stanford University participate in this competition and learn about investing and the fast-growing Exchange-Traded Fund marketplace.

As part of our ongoing commitment towards educating the next generation of investors, ETF Global launched the ETF Portfolio Challenge in the Fall 2015 to teach college students about the fast-growing ETF industry. Our contest offers students a unique, immersive opportunity to learn about investing in ETFs and complements their academic studies by offering a window into simulated real-life trading and investing.  

Open to both undergraduate and graduate students worldwide, the challenge has already drawn widespread interest from college participants and corporate sponsors. Now panning 6 continents, the ETF Global® Portfolio Challenge has attracted thousands of students from over 200 universities. Several prominent firms have joined to support this initiative, including Fidelity Investments who will be serving as the contest’s Executive Sponsor in the Spring.

Here’s a link to our contest flyer - Flyer - Spring 2017 ETF Global Portfolio Challenge. Registration for the Spring 2017 Portfolio Challenge, which is scheduled to start on February 21, is currently open. Participation is free and undergraduate and graduate students from all academic disciplines are eligible to compete.

For a more detailed description of the contest, its timeline, rules, and sponsors, please visit our contest website