Fathom Computing Talent Lead

Fathom Computing is a Palo Alto-based team of engineers, optical physicists, and machine learning scientists building a new kind of processor that will perform linear algebra operations using photons instead of electrons. This will unlock massive speed improvements when training deep neural networks, allowing AI researchers to implement human-brain-scale networks with unprecedented performance.

We’re looking for an ambitious generalist who is excited to positively shape the future of machine intelligence. Previous domain expertise is not required, nor is a technical degree. 

You’re probably a good candidate if you have:

- Strong interest in artificial intelligence, hardware, and the future

- A talent for applying a quantitative approach to human problems

- Excitement for joining an ambitious, well-funded startup at the ground stage and scaling it with top-tier talent

- A desire to change the world for the better

For more details, please see this posting.

To apply, please submit your resume through our jobs platform and send a quick note to vishal@fathomcomputing.com!