GreatChina Institute of Study Abroad Fulltime/Internships

Our organization, GreatChina Institute of Study Abroad, is a registered nonprofit in China that works with international students to explore future careers, work towards education goals, and develop skills to be successful in classes and the workplace. 

We are currently looking to fill a few summer internship and full-time positions on the West Coast, in China, and a few that are remote for those who are not able to relocate.

Below are links to more details about each opportunity: 


  1. Summer Intern [Paid]:
  2. Full-Time Student Advisor:
  3. Full-Time Program Manager:
  4. Full-Time Business Development Manager:
  5. Part-Time Contract-Based Remote Student Mentor
    General Responsibilities: Work with students in the college application preparation process (college lists, essay topics, etc). 
    Hourly Session Pay: 100USD