d.school Fashion Revolution Volunteers

We are looking for passionate and creative students to help us with a Fashion Revolution event at the d.school on April 23rd from 11-2! 


Contact egray2@stanford.edu if interested.

What is Fashion Revolution?

Fashion Revolution is an organization built to raise awareness about the true cost of fashion and celebrate all those involved in creating a more sustainable future. Fashion Revolution Week, an annual global campaign to inspire citizens to call for greater transparency in the fashion industry, is being held this year from April 24th to April 30th. We want to ask as many people as possible, “WHO MADE MY CLOTHES?”




What is our event?

We are kicking off Fashion Revolution Week with a Stanford event to bring together students, fashion industry professionals, and others interested in a more sustainable and ethical future for fashion. Our goals are to:

  1. Educate and raise awareness about aspects of the fashion industry that need improvement in a fun and engaging way. This event can be shared widely on social media using photos and articles demanding transparency in the industry. #whomademyclothes

  2. Foster discussion and solicit ideas for solutions from Stanford students and other interested community members. We want you to have a voice!

  3. Understand the needs and concerns of fashion industry professionals to cultivate positive change. This event will have a private, invite-only portion for professionals to share their perspectives and collaborate on cooperative solutions that are currently lacking in apparel supply chains.


What we need from you:

We are looking for excited students ready to get their hands dirty with us for the next two weeks. This will be a fun, collaborative process, and you will have lots of help along the way! We are looking for:

  • 4 Project Coordinators: Create activities and/or displays of your choice to be shown at our event! You will lead a small team of other students and work with our Main Organizer to make them come to life!


The sky's the limit; we welcome your creativity! If you have an idea for a way to engage community members on fashion industry issues that you care about, we’re all ears! Some ideas to consider are:

  1. Photo Booths

  2. Educational Activities

  3. Fashion shows

  4. Artwork/Displays

  5. Discussion forums

  • 4-8 Team Members: Work with Project Coordinators to make each project come to life!

  • 4 Volunteers: Help run the event day of! We will have two shifts:

  1. Set up and help run the first 90 min of the event

  2. Help run the last 90 min of the event and clean up after


What’s in this for you!

Each team will be credited for work shown at the event. Photos will be submitted to many blogs, magazines, and other publications-- your work will be seen around the world! This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to important causes in the fashion industry.

Fb link: https://www.facebook.com/events/414136475610902/