MLB Minnesota Twins Baseball Operations Internship

Baseball Operations:

Assist the Baseball Department in all areas, including Draft meeting preparation, Trade Deadlines, Arbitration analysis, various player information data entry and organization, filing, and other assigned or self-determined research-based projects. An in-depth knowledge of baseball statistics, Spanish proficiency, and a major in Business, Math, Econ, Physics, Engineering, Psychology is welcomed.

Hours: 40 hrs/week; Paid

With all of that said, we are looking for curious, intelligent, and ready-to-work individuals. I will be supervising whomever it is that we hire, and I am looking to mentor/help that person get as much from the internship as possible. From personal experience, breaking into the industry is the hardest part. This is that open door.


Brittany Minder
Administrative Assistant, Scouting
Minnesota Twins Baseball Club