Zenith Tutoring Part-Time Summer Tutor

The private tutoring company I work at, Zenith Tutoring, is looking for a Summer tutor who is able to work 15 - 20 hours per week. The Zenith office is in Mountain View (about 20 - 25 minutes from Stanford by car)

The Work

  • Teach group classes for ACT / SAT preparation that last two hours long each
  • Do private tutoring sessions for ACT / SAT that last one hour long each
  • Possibly do private tutoring sessions for specific subjects, e.g. AP Calc BC
  • Some administrative work

The Pay

  • Between $40/hr and $70/hr for teaching, depending on circumstances
  • $70/hr for private sessions in specialized subjects, e.g. AP Physics C
  • $60/hr for group ACT/SAT classes with 4+ students
  • $50/hr for group ACT/SAT classes with 2 - 3 students
  • $40/hr for group ACT/SAT classes with 1 - 2 students
  • $40/hr for private ACT/SAT sessions
  • $15/hr for administrative work

Please contact Jarrod Mock at jmock@stanford.edu if interested.