Two Six Capital Full-Time and Internship Opportunities

Two Six Capital is recruiting at Stanford. Read about them, their info session and job postings below:

Founded in 2013, Two Six Capital ( is a technology-enabled private equity firm that has pioneered Data Science for private equity. Two Six has served as an advisor and co-investor alongside many of the largest and most respected global private equity firms. The firm’s approach to due diligence transactions and value add post investment is backed by 25 years of IP and research in Data Science. The firm has analyzed over $100 billion in granular transaction level revenue data and has been involved in over $27 billion worth of private equity transactions that have closed. To harness the power of Data Science, Two Six combines large scale Engineering, Statistics, and Machine Learning to help investors unmask the intrinsic value of companies.

Join us at our on-campus information session to learn about how we are transforming investing through Data Science as well as our full-time and internship opportunities in Data Science and Data Engineering.