Econ 5: Frontiers in Economic Research and Policy

There is an exciting new 1-unit course that is being offered next quarter called Econ 5: Frontiers in Economic Research and Policy. Every week a different guest speaker from the Stanford faculty, tech, or government will give a talk about how they use economics to study practical and policy problems across a wide arrange of topics including health, environment, transportation, innovation, and development.

There are a number of awesome women economists in the speaker line-up. They include Heidi Williams (MIT), Emily Wimberger (Chief Economist, California Air Resources Board), Pascaline Dupas (Stanford), and M. Kate Bundorf (Stanford). In addition, the class will receive an invitation to a special talk at SIEPR with Mary Daly, the current President of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.


This course is a great opportunity to see how the tools of economics are applied in the real world, and how women are leading the way.There are no prereqs, and everyone is welcome regardless of year or major.

You can learn more on the course website.

Feel free to reach out to me at <> with questions.