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Regenerative body care for people who want pure, socially responsible products whilst reducing their plastic footprint.

ABOUT THE COMPANY Atmospheric CO2 must decrease to 350ppm. Some Governments and Businesses are tackling climate change but not fast enough, leaving it to non-profits, often small

underfunded groups fighting David vs. Goliath battles.

Businesses drive our economy and society, and must work collaboratively doing ‘more good’, not just ‘less bad’. Regenerative perennial agriculture, Tropical forests, educating girls, plant rich diets and renewables are the best approaches to reversing climate change. We must integrate these into the food we eat, the materials we use, and the products we put on our bodies.

The body care industry is 135-Billion dollars. ANATO educates about regenerative agriculture and ocean conservation via consumer products that are healthy and affordable.


This internship will provide an array of learning opportunities across various disciplines: business and finance, marketing, e-commerce & social media, design, production & retail and community relationships.

We except that the intern will use the guidance provided and take initiative were relevant. There is plenty of room for the intern to explore areas of the business that they are most interested in adding value to.


Céline Jennison is an avid water-woman that has been making her own cosmetics since the age of twelve. She graduated from Cornell with a BSc. in Plant Science and went on to pursuing a Masters at University of Oxford in Environmental Change and Management. After traveling around with world sailing, surfing and kiteboarding she discovered a need for multifunctional, plastic-free body care sourced with ingredients from sustainable agriculture.

Céline is co-founder of Plastic Tides, a non-profit that she launched with two classmates whilst a senior at Cornell.



Due to the early-stage, bootstrapped nature of our social enterprise that is mainly fundraising through grants, pitch competitions for cash prizes (and soon a crowdfunding campaign) this internship position is unpaid.

Santa Cruz is a very fun town to be in over the summer, we will lend the intern a bicycle, a

Stand-Up Paddleboard and surfboard to get around and catch some waves after work!

You’ll obviously get a big supply of eco-friendly body care!



Gain first-hand experience working at an early stage start-up with a female entrepreneur

Assist in the exciting launch of a social enterprise recognised as forward-thinking by the United Nations/

Céline is a finalist for this year’s UN Young Champions of the Earth Award.


Build your resume and portfolio

(if you are interested in contributing to the graphic design aspect)



Please send resume & cover letter by May 25th


Please do not hesitate to contact

Tel: +1 607 229 3150 |

for further questions!