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Alpine Investors is a private equity fund that is completely reimagining the private equity space. With over $1.3 billion of assets under management across 6 funds, Alpine has implemented its unique PeopleFirst program to demonstrate that pursuing and investing in passionate individuals is the key driver of building enduring companies.

Alpine has been running a successful internship program since 2001. In addition to offering world-class financial modeling and technical training to our interns, we invite our interns to participate in unique culture workshops and business school case studies led by our founding partner for those interested in pursuing an MBA in the future.

Alpine Investors has expertise in software and services companies and is located in San Francisco, CA. We are also planning the opening of our New York office in 2020.

The Alpine team includes 30 professionals with diverse investing, operations, management, and finance backgrounds.

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A) Investment Intern

Investment interns are an integral part of the deal teams at Alpine. We believe in allowing our interns to get the ball early so that they can drive real impact and maximize their learning. The primary responsibility of the Investment Intern involves assessing potential investment opportunities for Alpine’s fund. This entails proactively analyzing industries, identifying key trends and risks and highlighting attractive areas for investment.

As deal processes “go live,” the Investment Intern will play a critical role on the deal team in assisting with various components of the deal process. The Investment Internship is most appropriate for those who wish to learn about the deal process, from conducting due diligence to exit. Individuals in this role most likely see themselves as future financial investors or investing partners.



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