Women's Leadership Initiative - Urban Land Institute

The Women’s Leadership Initiative within the Urban Land Institute is the oldest and largest non-profit network of real estate and land use experts in the world. We’ve set a mission to funnel more women into the industry, and increase their visibility and number of leadership roles. This starts with college students, studying all majors.

We’re inviting 40 female students to join us on Wed Oct. 17th for an evening of: 

  • exposure to career paths,

  • intimate roundtable conversations with women executives at the biggest real estate firms,

  • Summer 2019 internship matching with our partnered companies.

This is a low-key event where students will learn how some seriously big names worked their way up into the boardroom, and attendees get their own exclusive ‘in’ for an internship. An amazing venue at Prologis on the Pier, snacks, and resume building are all included. 

Would you share this with your student contacts? It seems like there’s some overlap in what we’re both trying to achieve through our organizations. I’m happy to get on a call if you have any questions.

Here’s the event page and registration link (the $15 reservation fee will be refunded at the door):