SWIB x Hines

SWIB x Hines Event

How to Shape Skylines

Presented by Hines

October 3, 2018

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Tresidder Oak West

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Hines Analyst

Expectations & Learning Opportunities

▪Gain hands-on Development and Investment experience through interactions with teams

specializing in all facets of real estate development and investment.

▪Assist with the underwriting and lease analysis of new projects and asset management of operating properties.

▪Provide research support and assistance by gathering data on newly available properties,

transactions, tenants, tenantns in the market, and new developments and inputs date into appropriate data bases

▪Possible assignments include new development projects, acquisitions and dispositions, and asset


▪Work on Hines’ top quality assets with daily exposure to highly seasoned real estate professionals.

▪Contribute meaningfully to processes and decisions that impact Hines’ world-renowned

properties through market research, due diligence, financial analysis, and a range of other



▪Students from any academic discipline will be considered; however, a strong math

and quantitative aptitude is required.

▪Proficient in MS Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

▪Argus and CoStar experience a plus, but not required.

▪Creative problem solver with an analytical background.

▪Self-starter with the ability to work independently

▪Strong verbal and written communication skills.

▪Current Juniors will be considered

To apply, contact your career management office.