AxGen Full-Stack Software Engineer / Technical Co-Founder Job

Company Blurb: 

We are a pioneering genomics technology start-up that is transforming sports medicine by offering athletes at every level and military personnel unprecedented opportunities to enhance their training and reduce injury.  Founded by a renowned Stanford professor and professional athletes, our genetic testing and reporting platform identifies risks for specific injuries and delivers personalized, actionable insights to users. Drawing on more than a decade of rigorous research and development, we turn complex science into practical solutions that empower anyone who trains hard to stay in the game and on mission.

Currently in stealth mode, we are backed by premier angel and venture capital investors.

Job Description: AxGen Full-Stack Software Engineer / Technical Co-Founder (based in Palo Alto, CA)

We are looking for a full-stack software engineer to join our founding engineering team. You are a co-founder or first technical hire with great ideas and the ability to implement them. You are excited to create entirely new products and services at the frontier of technology and science. You are a fast learner, exceptional problem solver and obsessed with high-quality engineering. You will take complete ownership of our existing prototype and help us deliver a beautiful, reliable and scalable product. You are inspired to help build and lead an awesome, high impact organization. (for a longer description click here)

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