Disneyland Internship

How It Works: Interns will be placed in one organization from our rotation program for the summer of 2019. Upon completion of the internship, successful interns will receive a full-time offer to join our Business Leader Rotation Program after graduation.

Program Components:

·         Relevant Project Work

·         Cross-functional Intern Coach

·         Networking with Executives & Key Stakeholders

·         Professional & Technical Development

·         End-of-program Full-time Offers for Successful Interns

 Make an Impact: During the internship, you will experience and contribute to value-added projects by diving deep into data to provide recommendations on current and future Disney endeavors. You will showcase your strong leadership and problem-solving skills and your abilities to influence others with your positive attitude and insightful nature. Along the way, you will partner with various organizations to understand key business initiatives. 

How to Apply: CLICK HERE TO APPLY *Please note this posting will close on Saturday, January 26th.