PitchBook - Sales Dev Intern

PitchBook’s Summer Internship is an opportunity to start developing an understanding of sales development and to grow professionally. Do you want to learn and be a part of something amazing? Consider this:

  • Love to prospect - they act as the engine of our sales team, revving up and warming up leads to be shared with our outside sales team;

  • Work with a strong sense of urgency, which translates into activity with the expectation of making 50 calls per day;

  • Are naturally and highly curious - they ask thorough and pointed questions, guiding potential clients through needs analysis and discovery sessions to qualify the lead and drive new opportunities;

  • Have terrific prioritization skills - we generate a LOT of leads for the team to work with every month, and this team knows how to identify and go after the key customers:

  • Act as consultants - our clients appreciate the value of our data for their needs, so we take the time to understand those needs and address them head on;

  • Are stellar and professional communicators, both verbally and in their written works;

  • Possess strong negotiation skills and can effectively close leads;

  • Are self-motivated, dedicated, and driven to succeed;

  • Love to meet and exceed goals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis;

  • Are team players with entrepreneurial spirits - they come up with and are willing to try new ideas to achieve greater levels of success;

  • Are interested in financial markets or services, particularly private equity and venture capital;

  • Have positive, aggressive, goal - oriented attitudes and mentalities and can be motivated both as an individual and as part of a team;

  • Currently pursuing a BA / BS degree, frequently in economics, finance and related majors.

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