MS&E 472

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Every quarter, MS&E 472 delivers fresh lessons from new speakers.
The one-unit course, Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series (ETL), brings established and budding industry influencers center stage to share tactical advice on innovation, culture, startups and strategy. Open to all Stanford students.

Exploring A Startup 3: Rapid Prototyping and Testing

Thursday, February 28, 12:10 - 1:10 pm, NGP CoLab
The third in a series of 4 workshops about how you go about exploring and evaluating your idea for a new venture, this workshop features Bob Lisbonne, Startup Garage Faculty member, investor, and entrepreneur, sharing insights about how to rapidly develop & test prototypes to refine your product direction and de-risk your venture idea.  

The session is designed for Stanford grad students interested in entrepreneurship.  As it covers some topics taught in Startup Garage, students in that class will already be familiar with the content.  RSVP required