Sparks workshops: Sustainable Impact

Spring 2019 Sparks: Sustainable Impact Series

These will all take place from 6:30p.m. - 8:00p.m., in SEQ

Tuesday, April 16
Discovering Opportunities

with Bushra Bataineh

Founder & CEO of Mawa Modular

Grayson Zulauf and Bushra Bataineh will lead a 90-minute hands-on skills-building workshop. With Mawa Modular, Bushra focuses on building sustainable, easy-to-transport shelters for refugees and displaced populations. Bushra and Grayson are both graduates of the Accel Innovation Scholars Fellowship Program.

Tuesday, April 30
Seeking Funding

with Ami Naik

Director, Radicle Impact

and Corey Vernon

Senior Associate, Radicle Impact

Ami Naik and Corey Vernon will lead a 90-minute hands-on skills-building workshop. Naik and Vernon are associates at Radicle Impact, an investment firm committed to helping early-stage companies create meaningful social and environmental impact and value. Radicle actively invests in responsible finance, clean energy and healthy food systems.

Monday, May 13
Bringing Your Product to Market

with Nick Azpiroz

Co-Founder & CEO, Kukua Labs

and Eric Reynolds Brubaker

Co-Founder, Kukua Labs

and Will Harvey

Co-Founder & Head of Technology, ClearMetal

and Diego Canales

Co-Founder & Head of Engineering, ClearMetal

Nick Azpiroz, Eric Reynolds Brubaker, Will Harvey and Diego Canales will lead a 90-minute hands-on skills-building workshop. Azpiroz and Brubaker are co-founders of Kukua Labs, which is developing at-home energy efficient chicken incubators designed to work with home-solar systems in Tanzania. Harvey and Canales co-founded ClearMetal, a predictive intelligence platform that helps streamline the global shipping industry while reducing fossil fuel emissions.