Odetta.ai Internship

We are looking for summer interns/associates to join the team in flexible capacity. As a recap, we are an on-demand workforce startup called Odetta.ai. Our mission is to create a workforce of the future for ambitious women, designed especially for regions where this would be most impactful. We have built a platform that recruits and onboards primarily female engineers and data scientists/analysts from the Middle East & South Asia, selling data analytics/annotations as a service into large Tech Firms like Google, Stripe, Plaid. Almost 11 months in, the concept is scaling nicely, with a team of around 150 women (waiting list of 15K), and 25 clients. 

Anyone interested in future of work, data sciences, operations at global start-up might find this role intriguing. We would love to find someone who can join during the summer and continue in a flexible capacity while in school. Here is a bit more about the role and here is a bit more about the company.