Kaargo (Startup) Internships

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to jobs@kaargo.com

  • Superstar Business Development/Community Representative, Stanford CommunityThis position will help establish, build and grow users and transactions on the Kaargo platform. Your goal will be to measurably drive growth. You will also become a touch point for the Stanford community and beyond by providing an on-campus Kaargo link for feedback and suggestions. You will be working with a company in a very hot space and learn from experienced professionals. You may also have the opportunity to earn credit, build your resume and gain experience by helping to build a community with unique features, as well as create the opportunity for a full time role with an awesome company.  
  • Superstar Social Media/Marketing Representative, Stanford Community: Are you a growth hacker? Obsessed with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube? Help us drive users and transactions within the Stanford community using your social media skills.        
  • Superstar Engineer/Developer, Stanford Community: Help support our engineering team implementing cool new features that delight customers. Come up with new value added product enhancements that you help create and implement.
  • Superstar UX/UI Designer, Stanford Community: Come help us grow our user base and transactions by creating an amazing look and feel for our site. As a UX/UI designer you will be working directly with the tech team and founders to create an unbelievable and unforgettable user experience.
  • Superstar Social Media Photographer/ Content Creator: Are you super creative? A great photographer, designer, graphic artist? Addicted to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter? Have a great sense for design and the consumer?