iXperience Summer Internship Program & Info Session - Cape Town

Go abroad and change your life this summer. Learn a high-demand skill. Land an epic internship. Discover a beautiful city and culture: Cape Town, South Africa. 

iXperience is the only summer program that gives you a world-class course and an internship with the likes of Uber, Accenture, and influential local companies. iXperience provides an essential edge in a competitive job market. 

“Without iX I don’t think I would have answered even half of the questions I was asked at Microsoft with any sort of success. And now I’m off to Redmond for 12 weeks this summer!” writes Allie Ivener, iX ‘14. Allie has since received a full-time Microsoft software engineering offer. 

Our students, from top universities around the world, go on to land jobs at companies like Facebook, Bain, and BCG, or start their own ventures. Push yourself ahead of the pack this summer, and have the time of your life doing it. 

Courses include Product management, Data Science, User Experience Design, iOS Development, Finance, Consulting, and Web Development. 

Info Session (details here)
Friday, 2/6 at 5:00pm
Arrillaga Dining Study Room

Spots are limited. Click here to learn more and apply online.

Joshua Broomberg

Software Engineer + Business Development iXperience Cape Town, South Africa