Quantitative Fellowship Program with the Federal Reserve (12/16)

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About the Quantitative Fellowship Program

The QFP is a two-year rotational program designed to develop candidates with strong analytical skills into full-time quantitative analysts within the Federal Reserve System. As a Fellow, you will have the opportunity to work on-site at multiple Reserve Banks across the Federal Reserve System, including the Board of Governors location in Washington D.C. You will interact directly with financial institutions, gain valuable cross-firm perspective on modeling challenges, and be involved in helping senior Federal Reserve officials make informed decisions.

The QFP includes a significant training and professional development component. The program provides experience in a variety of quantitative topics such as Stress Test modeling, calculating regulatory capital under the Advanced Approaches (Basel Capital Accords), analyzing financial institution portfolios, and model risk management and validation. Program participants who successfully complete the two-year rotation will be placed in a full-time quantitative role within the Federal Reserve System.

  • Application deadline is December 16, 2016.
  • Offers will be extended by March 10, 2017.
  • The 2017 program will start in July 2017.

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