SageCorps Overseas Startup Internships


Sage Corps Mission: Give global education an entrepreneurial facelift. Why? Because showing future employers (and yourself) that you stepped outside your comfort zone and helped build a startup for 8-12 weeks in another country is beyond impressive - it's your ticket into your future dream job. Whether you're majoring in International Studies, Philosophy, Business, Computer Science, Engineering (or all of the above) - the Sage Corps Undergrad Program will give your resume an "entrepreneurial edge" that shows you are self-motivated, innovative and ready to take on any challenge.

Our philosophy? We believe that working abroad at a startup will give you the best possible work experience. You'll have the chance to see all aspects of a growing company, boost your resume, and meet and work with people from another culture. We also provide all interns with networking and cultural events to help you build your international network.

So, whether you want to do marketing, engineering, coding, designing, sales, fundraising, corporate strategy, or anything in-between, we have a startup looking for your skills. 

Currently, Sage Corps offers opportunities in Buenos Aires, Paris, London, SIngapore, Santiago, Hong Kong, and several other locations.

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