City Internships (4/18)

With the Global Internship Program only three months away, we are very busy matching ambitious students with forward-thinking partner companies. There is no better time for your members to apply for our program.
Students are advised to apply via

Internship Opportunities

We are commonly asked about the specific internship vacancies that the program offers. In response to this, we have compiled a selection of twelve available vacancies across London, Los Angeles and New York in print-ready format.

These opportunities only represent a small portion of the internship vacancies that we have to offer on the Global Internship Program.
You can view the vacancies here:

*If you'd like to receive a print-ready document featuring a selection of available vacancies on a regular basis, please let me know.

Career Fields: Detailed Breakdown

The major focus of the Global Internship Program is the internship. Interns can expect to spend five days per week with their partner company and attend weekly career seminars, resume workshops and networking events held by City Internships in evenings and on weekends.

The aim of the program is to help students develop real-world skills, build a professional network and ultimately, career-readiness.
Students can find more information on the career fields available on the Global Internship Program with a detailed breakdown of many of the subsectors available in this print-ready format:

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Enter the SWIB code LEEDAC at the ‘how did you hear about us’ section of our application form by selecting ‘Student Ambassador Scheme’.
Students can apply here:

The *updated* deadline is Monday, April 18th.

Best wishes,

Lewis Talbot


Managing Director, City Internships