Finvoice Summer Business Internship

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Giving small business a voice through invoice financing.

Finvoice was founded with one express purpose: support the small businesses that create 65% of new jobs in the United States and employ 120 million Americans. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, these businesses and their owners took a beating through no fault of their own.

The local community banks that historically formed the lifeline for small businesses were consolidated by the larger banks, and relationship-based lending was replaced by standardized processes that excluded many of these businesses. Large corporations lengthened their payment cycles as a buffer against the credit crunch, and invoices were increasingly paid later than ever. Capital dried up. Jobs were lost. Small business suffered.

By opening up the market, Finvoice helps small businesses everywhere overcome cash flow gaps through selective invoice financing. We connect your business to investors who provide cash against discounted invoices. By working with you to understand your concerns, we provide you with the cheapest possible financing.