Rothenberg Ventures Volunteer (5/16)

Every year, the team at Rothenberg Ventures reserves AT&T Park and hosts an epic event called Founder Field Day. This year the date is May 16th and we are looking for eager volunteers! 

It starts with a morning session opened up exclusively for about one hundred RV founders, 8 Experts/Luminaries (successful founders and execs), and RV investors. RV founders will be ushered into 8 different suites. Each suite will be hosted by a luminary speaker. These will be 45 minute sessions designed to help founders learn from the experts.

In the afternoon, we will open the event up to additional guests who have RSVPd, this list includes; VCs, partners, RV community and others involved in Frontier Tech. We will have a Frontier Tech Demo Showcase with approx 15-30 start ups, established companies, & portfolio companies. During this time we will be hosting a panel and keynote nearby (participants yet to be announced). The intention is to encourage everyone to try demos, participate in the panels and keynotes while having a fun curated experience!

Opportunities for 20 selected volunteers include:

  1. Luminary Hosts & Keynote/Panel Hosts - We will have a point of contact for each speaker during the AM sessions and the PM sessions. Each POC will lead their speakers to the area where the talk is held and make sure accommodations are met. This is a great way to meet some interesting people and listen in on discussions.
  2. Demo Ambassadors - During the demos in the afternoon we will have extra volunteers help run demo stations. We often run into these obstacles when hosting demos and sometimes it helps to have extra bodies incase the companies demoing run into technical difficulties or just get busy. This is a great way to learn about Frontier Tech and meet various founders within the industry.

Find out more about Founder Field Day by visiting the event page at

Please contact if you would like to be nominated for a volunteer position.