Campus Recruiting Survey (Earn $5!)


My name is Carter Bradley, I'm a 2015 Princeton grad, and I run a startup that advises companies on the ways they engage with top talent on campuses. Right now, we're doing a study across 30 or so campuses as to how students make decisions between firms, what they're looking for out of their first jobs...etc.  

We're hoping to hear the opinions of Stanford business talent on the employment process through a 10-15-minute survey (I promise it is actually 15 minutes at the high end). We are paying everyone who participates $5 guaranteed by venmo, but we'll be looking through every response to make sure it was done honestly, so don't disqualify yourself by just clicking through the survey.


Beyond the financials, the feedback you provide here will help to directly shape how some of the biggest companies design their programs and engage with students on campus. If you're interested in learning more about my company, feel free to reach out to me at or go to

We're going to close the survey on Friday, May 13th, so get responses in soon! Thank you for your time here!