Citi Institutional Clients Group Full-Time Analyst

Citi’s Institutional Clients Group (ICG) is looking for a full-time Analyst to join the Public Finance team. ICG offers investment and corporate banking services and products for corporations, governments, and institutions around the world.  As an Analyst, you will join an intensive training program that includes both training sessions and real, on-the-job experience.

We’re committed to teaching you the ropes. The two-year Analyst Program generally begins in June, and the person hired for this particular position will start immediately with an abbreviated, in-depth training program in NYC. Relocation back to California will be around September 1st, depending on the hiring schedule.  Public Finance professionals work hand-in-hand with city, state, and local governments and municipal authorities, providing capital formulation strategies on an array of public projects, including health care systems, utilities, highways, and schools. Often the work involves complex public/private partnerships, such as stadiums, airports or developer-related project financings as well as merger and acquisition advisory work, securitizations and derivative transactions.


Your time here will look something like this: 

  •  Learn a client’s historical financing trends
  • Research past uses of debt or derivatives and provide an overview of client’s debt position
  • Participate with bankers and clients in meetings and conference calls to review current market conditions and formulate future capital programs
  • Apply new financing, optimization, and hedging strategies to financial transactions based on the client’s financing needs
  • Assist in the execution of transactions
  • Present documentation and pricing to investors and rating agencies
  • Coordinate credit and internal approvals, policy compliance, client entertainment, and deal closing
  • Research market, credit, tax, regulatory, accounting, legal, policy and issuer-specific issues relating to prior or future transactions

If you are interested in this opportunity please submit a cover letter and resume to