Disney Corporate Strategy and Business Development

From Mike Orloff, analyst on the Corporate Strategy and Business Development team at The Walt Disney Company:

We have recently added a job posting on Stanford’s career site for our 2017 recruiting class. Our team consists of approximately twenty professionals with backgrounds in media, consulting, investment banking, and private equity who serve as in-house advisors to The Walt Disney Company’s executive leadership. We are responsible for developing strategic positions on the most critical issues facing our business, then executing against those positions through acquisitions and divestitures, joint ventures, minority investments, and business development activities that accelerate growth for the company.

Examples of work we have done over the last several years include:

o   Acquisitions: Pixar ($7 bil), Lucasfilm ($4 bil), Marvel ($4 bil), Maker Studios ($500 mil)

o   Divestitures: Miramax ($660 mil), ABC Radio

o   Joint Ventures: Equity Investment in BAMTech ($1 bil), Equity Investment in Hulu, Combination of A&E and Lifetime ($15 bil asset value)

o   International: Acquisition of Indian conglomerate UTV ($850 mil), Launch of Russia Disney Channel

o   Strategy: Media Networks direct-to-consumer strategy, long-term company repositioning, Disney Interactive restructuring

Additionally, Corporate Strategy alums have risen to senior executive positions across the company, are overwhelmingly placed at Harvard Business School and Stanford GSB, and have an excellent track record of placement at leading investment management and media & entertainment firms.

We are planning on collecting the first round of resumes in the next couple weeks. Again, we would appreciate you forwarding this to the rest of your organization, and we encourage you to let us know of anyone interested in this position.

Please find below a link to the job postings.

Corporate Strategy and Business Development - Analyst

Corporate Strategy and Business Development – Summer Analyst Intern