GSB Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (2/1)

Wednesday, February 1, 2017, 9:00am - 3:00pm


Are you considering joining or starting a social venture? Or are you currently designing a solution to a social problem somewhere in the world?  


If you want some structured time to work on your venture, or haven't yet jumped into a venture and want a window into the world of social entrepreneurship from world-class leaders in the field, don’t miss this annual, one-day bootcamp!


Packed with inspiring and insightful leaders, the bootcamp promises a fast-paced, high-energy learning experience that will connect you with like-minds and strengthen your capacity to create measurable impact in the world as a social entrepreneur. You’ll spend the day learning from experts and practitioners on fundamental aspects of early stage social venture design, with opportunities to collaborate with your venture team and others.


Early-stage social entrepreneurs and those exploring entrepreneurship are especially welcome to attend, with sessions of value for all stages.Teams are encouraged to attend together.


Bootcamp sessions include:


  • Social Entrepreneurship - A Day in the Life of a Social Entrepreneur

  • Design Thinking for Social Ventures

  • Designing Your Theory of Change

  • Attracting Financial and Human Capital

  • Accomplishing Your Goals with the Right Legal Structure

You are welcome to attend if you:


  • Are an undergraduate, graduate, or PhD student at Stanford

  • Have a team or don’t have one

  • Have a venture idea or don’t have one

  • Are pursuing or considering a nonprofit or for-profit model


Register by 1/23/17 to reserve your spot! If you've already registered, be sure that you have completed Part 2 of the registration.


Naomi Baer
nbaer at stanford