Pear Fellows


Pear Fellows is your Venture Capital boot camp. Fellows will work with general partners, Pejman and Mar, and the entire Investment team, to learn every aspect of the industry, from discovering the best founders, deep-diving into company diligence, executing the investment process, to supporting portfolio companies.

Great companies are built on campuses. Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Cisco, and Snapchat were all founded by students, and we believe many more will be born this way. Pear Fellows is an opportunity to interface with the new generation of founders, and find the next great company.

We have been extremely impressed by our past Pear Fellows for the energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge they have brought. This year we are recruiting only 8 student Fellows at Stanford.We are committed to working closely with our fellows to ensure they learn how to be a successful investor in early-stage companies.


As a Pear Fellow, you will be exposed to all aspects of the investment process, and we will let you tailor the experience to what you most want to learn.

You can choose to focus on elements like the diligence process, industry deep-dives, or understand what makes a successful pitch. You will work closely with the Pear Investment team to decipher what makes a successful founding team and investment.  

Some of our Pear Fellow responsibilities:

  • Reach out to students who are working on interesting ideas

  • Organize campus community events like talks, dinners, seminars, office house, etc.

  • Attend bi-monthly investment meetings with Pear Fellows and a Pear Partner

  • Research specific companies or investment areas

  • Advise or assist Pear Dorm companies based on your interests and expertise

  • Attend Fellow Summit on investing 101 led by Pear Partners and other investors in the Valley.

Fellows are expected to commit 4-8 hours/week, depending on the academic calendar.


We are building a diverse group of Pear Fellows with different backgrounds, interests and degrees. We expect the group to include undergraduates, graduate students from various departments. We are not looking for any specific work, startup or investment experience.

We want people who can be Pear ambassadors on campus, people who are genuinely interested in help others, who show initiative, and who see a career in entrepreneurship and technology.

Apply through this link:

Applications are due: November 3rd