MS&E 472: The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders' Seminar

This Winter Quarter, discover what it takes to scale an idea into a viable venture in MS&E 472: The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders’ Seminar.

Often known simply as “ETL,” the seminar features candid talks from leaders in established and emerging technologies, medicine, the media, finance and more. 

Past talks shared hard learned lesson on how to change company culture from Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Meg Whitman, the power of celebrating failure from X’s Astro Teller, and on how to focus on the most critical challenges with PlanGrid’s Tracy Young and Sequoia Capital’s Doug Leone.

Enroll or re-enroll now for one credit and a lifetime of wisdom. 

Still not sure? Come to ETL on November 15 featuring Anne Wojcicki, Co-Founder and CEO of 23andMe. Anyone is welcome to attend!