Amazing New CS/ AI Class

CS 28: Artificial Intelligence, Entrepreneurship and Society in the 21st Century and Beyond

Technical developments in artificial intelligence (AI) have opened up newnopportunities for entrepreneurship, as well as raised profound longer termnquestions about how human societal and economic systems may benre­organized to accommodate the rise of intelligent machines. In thisncourse, closely co­taught by a Stanford professor and a leading SiliconnValley venture capitalist, we will examine the current state of the artncapabilities of existing artificial intelligence systems, as well asneconomic challenges and opportunities in early stage startups and largencompanies that could leverage AI. We will focus on gaps between businessnneeds and current technical capabilities to identify high impactndirections for the development of future AI technology. Simultaneously, wenwill explore the longer term societal impact of AI driven by inexorablentrends in technology and entrepreneurship. The course includes guestnlectures from leading technologists and entrepreneurs who employ AI in anvariety of fields, including healthcare, education, self­driving cars,ncomputer security, natural language interfaces, computer vision systems,nand hardware acceleration.

Terms: Aut | Units: 2 | Grading: Credit/No Credit