Robinhood Info Session

Speakers: Tom Linford, Engineering Manager; Abhishek Fatehpuria, Software Engineer; Davina Boedijono, Software Engineer
Date:  September 25, 2017
Time:  5:00pm - 6:00pm
Location:  Gates Building, Room 104
Dinner will be served! 

Come, sit down with Robinhoodies (Abhishek Fatehpuria, Davina Boedijono, & Tom Linford) as they open up about their journey from college to their current roles at Robinhood and lessons-learned along the way. They’ll share their insights on preparing for a full-time career in addition to sharing more about opportunities here at Robinhood.

Tom Linford
Tom is an engineering manager for the backend team at Robinhood. He joined as engineer number 4 and has been working at Robinhood for almost three and a half years. Before Robinhood, Tom studied CS at Stanford although he never formally finished his degree.

Abhishek Fatehpuria
Abhishek joined the Robinhood backend engineering team as an intern in Summer 2016. After completing his internship, he stayed on full-time while completing his CS and Business degree at UC Berkeley. During his time at Robinhood, he has lead projects such as building Robinhood’s two factor authentication and the Free Stock Referral program.

Davina Boedijono
Originally from Indonesia, Davina joined Robinhood as a fresh grad after finishing her EECS degree from UC Berkeley. She is one of the first female engineers to join Robinhood's backend team and has played a key role worked on rebuilding the backend accounting infrastructure. Additionally, Davina enjoys organizing weekly tech talks and participating on the Robinhood's basketball team.