Event Timeline

  • Oct. 3 Career Fair: Get to know representatives from DaVita at the career fair! 
  • Oct. 4 Case workshop (4-5pm, WCC Firetruck House): DaVita representatives will host a case workshop for those preparing for case interviews in consulting, banking, and/or tech. Given DaVita's expertise, most of the cases will be based in healthcare -- email thossain@stanford.edu if you have specific requests. 
  • Oct. 4 Coffee chats (11am-2pm, CoHo): Get to know DaVita on a one-on-one basis with coffee and great conversation. Sign up for a coffee chat here.
  • Oct. 15 (11:59pm PST) Application deadline: Apply via Handshake
    • Full time job posting is #758336- DaVita, Full Time Analyst, Redwoods Leadership Development Program
    • Summer internship posting is #758348- DaVita, Summer Internship, Redwoods Leadership Development Program
  • Oct. 18-19 First round interviews on campus