Social Entrepreneurship Collaboratory

Have you ever thought about building something that could positively change the world?  Do you want to experience creating a social or environmental start-up? 

The Social Entrepreneurship Collaboratory is a project-based class introducing students to the world of social enterprise - both for profit and non-profit. It provides the necessary tools and knowledge to develop a social entrepreneurship venture. By applying the principles of design thinking together with multiple guest social entrepreneurs, students will develop their ideas and an “investment-ready” business plan in small groups. 

Join our class and be ready to get immersed in real case scenarios and creating plausible businesses that change the world! 

Class Description

Interdisciplinary student teams create and develop U.S. and international social entrepreneurship initiatives. Proposed initiatives may be new entities, or innovative projects, partnerships, and/or strategies impacting existing organizations and social issues in the U.S. and internationally. Focus is on each team¿s research and on planning documents to further project development. Project development varies with the quarter and the skill set of each team, but should include: issue and needs identification; market research; design and development of an innovative and feasible solution; and drafting of planning documents. In advanced cases, solicitation of funding and implementation of a pilot project. Enrollment limited to 20.