Join Us

We're partnering with #BUILTBYGIRLS to empower the next generation of leaders in technology (aka you). The #BUILTBYGIRLS WAVE Advisor Platform connects  young women with professionals in tech to:

  • Challenge you to rethink the possibilities of a tech career (pro tip: there are TONS)
  • Build practical skills that will set you apart in your first job
  • Create a professional network that will propel your career

You’ve Been Selected (Yes, You)

You're the perfect girl for our this cohort—smart, curious, ready to take over the tech world by storm and generally awesome (congrats on all that, btw). We want you to join as one of our hand-selected Advisees for the program. 

Here's how it works: 

  • You’ll be matched with an A+ Advisor from companies like Twitter, Amazon, Snapchat, Spotify and more based on your experience and interests.
  • You’ll visit her/his office for one hour a month after between classes or even over video conference.
  • You meet with one Advisor over 3 months. After that, you'll rotate to a new Advisor to expand your network. WAVE cycles run Feb-Apr, May-Jul, and Sept-Oct-Nov.
  • You’ll learn about your Advisor’s personal experiences— s/he’ll share the good, the bad, and the awesome across a broad range of professional topics, like developing a product, understanding a target audience, building business models behind tech (aka $$$$), plus more, all to help you become a rockstar in tech.
  • The WAVE platform will guide your sessions together with materials focusing on your Advisor’s specific expertise and your interests, making sure you have a meaningful session with a tangible outcome. No awkward silences here.

Let’s Talk Timeline

  • Sign up NOW before enrollment closes January 19
  • Matches will be announced by February 1, 2017. Sessions with your first match will be scheduled for February, March, and April.
  • #BUILTBYGIRLS' cares about the best matches. If they don't find you the perfect fit for the Spring cycle, you'll be added to the waitlist for the Summer start.