The Lean Launchpad

As you select classes for Winter quarter, check out ENG 245: The Lean Launchpad: Getting Your Lean Startup Off the Ground, Stanford's infamous experiential entrepreneurship course created by Steve Blank.  

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Apply with your team and startup idea.  Interview 100 customers and build an MVP.  Get feedback from customers, mentors, and the teaching team.  This is as close to the real startup experience as you can get in a classroom.  How close can you get to product-market fit in 10 weeks?   

Class information:

1. Class website (including teaching team), course listing, and details/link to syllabus

2. Info session and office hour dates

3. How to apply and what makes a strong application (hint, it's all about team)

Need team members?  

1. RSVP for the Team Formation Mixer (last year more than half of the accepted teams formed or picked up a team member at this event)

2. Fill out this form and check this spreadsheet regularly 

Other Tips:

Make sure you have a diverse mix of business + engineering + design perspectives on the team.  Acceptance is competitive and we want to know that your team can create a Minimum Viable Product (early, early prototype). Attending the info sessions helps a lot.  

Feel free to email the TAs with questions:

BT: Some Lean Launchpad alumni startups and where they are now... use this as inspiration to generate business ideas and see what sort of ideas work well in this class.

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