Research Assistant Opportunity: Clayman Institute for Gender Research

Hours are flexible—I estimate about 3-5 hours per week, but I can work around your schedule.
In regards to pay: you’d be paid at the end of the quarter, and pay is based on the approximate number of hours you work over the entire quarter. If your total hours end up in the 31-45 range, which is what I estimate, you’d be paid $788, but if you work significantly more or less, that amount would be adjusted.

The project is: I conducted a year-long case study of a tech company implementing a gender equality initiative. I’m interested in analyzing some quantitative data: #s of women and men hired, promoted, and terminated, at different levels and in different departments throughout the company, both before and after implementation. I’m interested in testing whether any gender inequalities improved as a result of the gender initiative. Your tasks would involve cleaning the data (currently housed in PowerPoint slides & Excel files—so getting the data into an analyzable format, preferably in STATA) and conducting some statistical tests (t-tests & regressions to start.) I’m hoping to include these analyses in a book I’m drafting. The details of the company/project are EXTREMELY confidential (we have a nondisclosure agreement with the company), so if you were hired, you would have to promise not to share any details with anyone.

Contact me at if this opportunity fits your interest, availability, and skillset.